Grant Reporting Process

Six months from the receipt of our Grant Check, we require a Grant Report from each Grantee.

For example, if you received your check in December, your report is due June of the following year. Please refer to our Grant Reporting page for this document which can be submitted on line directly to us. This report will advise and confirm to the Board how the funds approved were expended.

As acknowledged by completing this report, you, the Grantee, is acknowledging and verifying that no portion of the Grant was used for administrative costs.

Grants CANNOT be used for the following:

  • Rent, space fees
  • Insurance, office/building maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Computer/technology maintenance
  • Salaries, Consulting/contractor fees, Commissions, or Stipends of any kind

We recognize that things do change and the Grant use originally requested may have changed. Please note, this change must be included in your submitted report. However, funds CANNOT be used for any of the administrative costs listed above.

It is the responsibility of each Grantee to submit this report as required. Failure to submit a timely Report may affect consideration for future grants.

Thank you.